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Spartan Drilling Offers The Following For Mineral Exploration, Mining And Water.

We can drill sizes PQ , HQ, NQ and can do these in standard or triple tube where core recovery is poor. Large sizes can be drilled with discussion on client’s requirements. We also offer down the hole surveys, core orientation and wedging.

We can drill diameters requested. Sampling depth intervals as per client’s requirement.
Hole depths 6 to 250 meters

Vertical or angled holes, as well as diameter, depth and sampling intervals. All suited to the individual clients requirements.

Where impact drilling is too aggressive for gemstone exploration, or large bulk sampling is required in softer soils or tailings dumps. We offer this facility in diameters of 200 to 400mm holes. Sampling intervals, hole angle and depth as per clients requirements.

We can do Commercial, domestic and rural boreholes. Turn-key solutions and installations are available depending on requirements. We also offer the following services:

-Full conventional pump installation.
-Full range and options on solar installation
-Bore hole capacity testing
-Flushing out of old holes to revitalize them
-Hole deepening where possible
-Borehole repairs and maintenance
-fishing out dropped pumps and pipes
-Electrical repairs and maintenance.

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