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Teach People

Spartan Drilling Services has completed the first batch of water boreholes in the North East of Zimbabwe for the NGO “Teach People” specifically trying to limit human wildlife conflict.

In many area’s around the country lives are being lost as a direct result of human and wildlife coming together as people walk down to rivers to fetch water, bringing them into contact with crocodiles and hippo’s resulting in the death and injury of local inhabitants and ultimately in the death of the wildlife too, as the animals are then shot by national parks in their problem animal control policy.

Boreholes have been drilled and equipped in specific area’s where loss of life has been a serious problem, which now means local inhabitants now have access to clean safe water without the need of fetching often contaminated water from rivers.

Since the installation of these boreholes not one life has been lost in these area’s compared to about 30 lives prior to the installation.